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Industry Applications

Industry Applications
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Rite-Kem has the pleasure of supplying every entity of the U.S. Government with products from the general product catalog as well as those manufactured as custom chemicals. Chemicals from the general product catalog are used in every branch of our Military, Federal Government both here and around the world. Custom chemicals can be manufactured for the government, or any group, out of the 1,100 raw chemical ingredients used by Rite-Kem.


Principalities rely on Rite-Kem to provide deicer for ice trucks, fire ant killer for city parks, and high pressure machines and detergent for washing concrete sidewalks or street sweeping. A range of specialized chemicals provides products for very agency and institution's operational need.


School chemical needs range from the classroom, restroom, cafeteria,the halls and bus barns. Rite-Kem provides chemical compounds for not just cleaning floors, degreasing cooking components and eliminating fire ants on playgrounds, but also for such tasks as caring for auto fleets and de-icing sidewalks. School needs extend beyond those of elementary schools, and include products beneficial to colleges and universities. Rite-Kem's lines of absorbent and biodegradable products provide for the needs of childcare facilities as well, such as day cares and nursery schools. .


Prisons, jails and similar facilities require large quantities of economical industrial strength cleaning supplies. Absorbents, chemical supplies and laundry detergents are designed with such needs in mind. Hospital-grade disinfectants also control the spread of germs, fungi and other pathogens that can easily spread in small spaces.


Hotels, outdoor special events, spa facilities and food service are all elements of the hospitality industry. From fire ant killer for outdoor events to pool cleaners for hotel pools, Rite-Kem can provide specialty chemicals for every element of businesses specializing in hospitality. Short-term stay facilities not only host guests in their rooms, they also provide business space, plan indoor and outdoor weddings and provide spa services. Such a wide range of services demands a wide range of products to meet employee and patron needs.


Health care facilities, nursing homes, assisted living homes and hospices need sanitizers and cleaning chemicals to kill microorganisms that spread disease and unsanitary conditions. Foams, aerosols and detergents kill germs, fungi, and viruses. Rite-Kem also provides canister vacuums recommended for use in operating rooms and clean rooms.


The entertainment industry encompasses casinos, theaters and studios, each with general and specific maintenance and cleaning needs. Rite-Kem's biodegradable cleaners, basic chemical supplies, floor cleaning equipment and ice melting compounds provide for the needs of both employees and customers.


While body shops, car washes and car dealers most obviously require auto care products such as car wash, degreasers and belt dressing, other facilities also require automotive care products for elements of their businesses. Automotive vocational training programs, school bus barns and trucking fleets also benefit from Rite-Kem's comprehensive line of auto care chemicals.


Fire ant killer, insecticides and insect repellant assist outdoor workers, especially those in the agricultural industry, to maintain production levels during times of insect infestation. Rite-Kem also provides such specialty chemicals as egg washing and hog scalding compounds for use in the agricultural and food service fields.


While Rite-Kem caters to businesses, individuals can also benefit from a wide range of useful chemical products. Consumers can purchase chemicals directly from the online catalog without a tax exempt number. Some of Rite-Kem's most popular products, such as fire ant killer, Tub-a-Dub and This -n- That come in quantities that are easy to use in smaller amounts.


Rite-Kem's janitorial supplies and cleaning chemicals are perfect for churches, synagogues, mosques and temples. Laundry supplies, water treatment chemicals, dish detergent and floor cleaning equipment maintain basic cleanliness and sanitation to religious institutions.


Food service industries require specialized chemical products to clean and disinfect, yet remain safe for use close to food production and consumption. Rite-Kem provides a line of food service chemicals designed to provide tailored cleaning and maintenance to equipment in direct contact with food service and production, such as phosphatizer and rustavator products.


Liquid and powder laundry detergents and softeners not only clean and soften fabric for sale in a retail setting, they also contain optical brighteners for use on raw textiles. Since retail does not end at textile products, Rite-Kem provides a range of products for cleaning and maintaining retail properties, both inside and out.


Rite-Kem's line of janitorial supplies allows for customization amongst a wide range of brushes, brooms, mops, squeegees and their respective handles. Such supplies compliment the use of chemical products such as absorbent powders, floor cleaning chemicals cleaners and glass cleaners.


Any industry that uses machinery or mechanized equipment can benefit from the corrosion preventatives, degreasers, detergents, HVAC cleaners, rust inhibitors and resin cleaners provided by Rite-Kem. Small businesses and large corporations both rely on tools and equipment to provide services to their customers. Corrosion preventives and preservatives maintain the functionality and appearance of machines such as radiators, dairy vats, processing equipment, and storage tanks. Cleaners designed to remove the build-up on fins, coils, and tanks of air and water conditioning units also help maintain the functionality and lifespan of HVAC units and similar equipment.