Private Labeling

Private Labeling
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Business customers have a unique opportunity in the realm of private labeling. Some estimates put the amount of private label purchases from supermarkets at 25 percent, opening up a unique business opportunity for distributors, small businesses, large corporations and retail entities. Rite-Kem can tailor its label, markings and branding to requests of any of its 350+ products.

Some of the most popular private labeled chemical products are Bio-Sol, Tub-A-Dub , GB Breakdown, and Incredible. Rite-Kem private labels its products for business to business transactions and businesses to consumer sales.

Customers can expect full service, including labeling, packaging, delivery and strong protection of customer information. Rite-Kem also offers private labeling in conjunction with custom chemical manufacturing if a specific product is not already available within the array of reproduced chemical compounds.


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